Applications can be completed during LEAD UP Summer Academy from Jun 22-26!

Welcome to the LEAD UP Youth Achievement Program Online Application Form! Thank you for your interest in LEAD UP. The LEAD UP (Leadership, Education, Adolescent Development and Unlimited Potential) Youth Achievement Program is for racial/ethnic minority youth who are invited to participate in the program between 9th grade through the first year of college. The program provides leadership and college preparation supports for youth who really want to achieve in life, beginning with their education. To learn more about the Lead UP program visit

ALL youth who want to participate in LEAD UP must complete an application form during the event. Time will be allocated to complete application forms during the event on the first day, Jun 22, 2020.

Participation in the program includes the following:

Participation in online weekly communications (e.g., text messages, emails) provided through the LEAD UP Collaboratory ( including the Achiever 365 blog and other tools.

Participation in monthly LEAD UP Meet Up sessions hosted with the partnering community or school organization who referred you to the program.

As part of completing the online application, you are required to:

Complete all questions in the online application. When you begin the application you'll need to finish. So, make sure you are ready and have some time before you begin the online application. However, if you are not able to complete the application in one go, please follow instructions below to save and return later to your incomplete application:

1. Ensure that you click on the "Save and Return later" button displayed on each page, when you need to exit.

2. A window will pop up with a code that you can use to resume your application process later. Be sure to copy the code for later use.

3. As soon as click on "Close" in the window that displays the code, you will be directed to a page that requests your email ID.

4. Please enter your email ID to receive a link to resume your incomplete application.It is not the same link that you used to start the application process.

5. You will be able to resume your application when you click on the link sent by email and enter the code that was displayed when you tried to save your work.

Provide well-written responses to the essay questions in the application (make sure you proofread). It is recommended that you review the essay requirements and complete the essay in another document like Word BEFORE you begin the online application. Then, you can copy and paste or attach the essay response into the online application (make sure if you copy and paste you check the formatting in the online application). You will be provided time and coaching during LEAD UP to complete the essay.

If you have questions or need additional information contact Dr. Jomella Watson-Thompson at

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