This survey is for parents/guardians of youth in ThrYve. The purpose of the survey is to gather information from both the youth and the parent/child together so that ThrYve may support your child in setting goals. The interview and survey process may take approximately 1 hour to complete and is only conducted once each year. You are free to not answer any questions and to stop the interview at any time. Some of the questions may be uncomfortable and you are free to not answer or request a break.

At the end of the survey, some information will be collected that is required to issue payment. The information collected that is personally identifying information like your name has nothing to do with the interview and information collected, but just to ensure payment and compensation for your participation in the program and this interview/survey process. We will also ask the youth and parent who receives the debit card to also sign off for the debit card.

Within the 48-72 hours of the interview the card will be activated. At the interview, there's some personally identifying information that we'll need to obtain (like your SSN), unfortunately we'll need it to process payment. We'll provide the youth and parent a mastercard debit card at the meeting. Then, after we input this information we can associate the card given and upload the money. The personally identifying information you provide will only be accessible after you submit it to the team member who is issuing payments.

The parent/guardian will receive $25 on the debit card for participation in this survey and interview process. The youth will receive summer program compensation. If the youth attended 80% or more of the ThrYve program sessions they will receive the full compensation amount of $300 or ThrYve youth participating in Learn to Earn and $120 for ThrYve youth participating in Kids on Campus. Of the compensation or amount received $25 may be held and applied to the College Savings Account for the child. If you have not set up the CSA (529) account through ThrYve or Learn to Earn, we will follow-up with additional information to set it up over the next month.

Thank you for your participation in this process & ThrYve!

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